WinRAR is a file compression tool that is capable of handling compressed RAR files. Even the most casual internet user will likely have come across an RAR file, making WinRAR a must-have program. In using WinRAR, most users will use WinRAR to either pack or unpack a compressed file. In unpacking a compressed file, its as simple as double clicking on a compressed RAR file, and selecting the location to unpack the file to. WinRAR takes the process of unpacking a file and simplifies it to just a few clicks of the mouse. The process could not be any simpler. For users who are looking to create compressed RAR files, WinRAR offers this ability in a way that is both easy to use, and with many different configuration options. Users will have the option of selecting the level of compression, determining the location that the package should be placed, adding a password to provide an extra layer of security, and much more. Nearly anything that a user could ask for when dealing with file compression is available with WinRAR. One final note relates to the speed of WinRAR. While the speed can vary depending on the processor and RAM, most users should find the compression and uncompression speed of WinRAR to be satisfactory. A large (10GB) package should be unpacked within 3-5 minutes. Much smaller files will take just a few seconds at the most. Other products may advertise quicker speeds, but its not worth sacrificing the feature list of WinRAR for just a few second difference in speed.

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